Load Balancers

Load balancer recommendations save money by combining load balancers, since each load balancer can handle multiple applications. Load balancers are often a critical part of building a cloud application, but they can end up costing you a lot of money if not utilized efficiently.

How we find the best savings

In general, only one load balancer of any given type type is needed within a region, barring some limitations on listeners, target groups, etc. However, we understand that many tools, including Elastic Beanstalk, will create their own load balancers as part of their deployment strategy.

We look at all of your manually-created load balancers (excluding Elastic Beanstalk, for example) per region and recommend combining load balancers of the same type. In addition, we recommend upgrading a classic load balancer to a either an application load balancer or a network load balancer, whichever is appropriate.